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A-Ozone Generator

Model  S.6


Product Group:      Sterilizer for home use


Multi Funtional

Ozone Output

~ 0.6 g/hr


4 mg/l


310 x 210 x 85 mm

Weight/ E.Power

1.4 kg  AC 220V 50 Hz 35 W



Price  FOB



USD  75



2 years for all


  • Cold corona-plasma ozone
  • Air filter-dryer buil in
  • Silent
  • High purity alumina ceramic tube, which is against oxidation
  • Solid state inverter / converter with epoxy resin made of and vacuum encapsulated high pressure module
  • Original anti-circumfluence device, preventing water from backing to the ozone chamber
  • ABS industrial plastic, smooth and strong
  • E structure air pump which is stable and has long lifetime
  • Original CPU, EMC anti-jamming design
  • CE approval transformer, 3C approval power cord
  • Stable circuit and has been strictly checked through computer, ensuring its high quality




  1. Dissolves and eliminates the hormones and additives remain in vegetables, fruits and meat, fish, shrimp,…
  2. Deodorize the air inside refrigerator, freshen the foods stored and eliminate any odors. Deodorize an antisepticise the air in the shoes cabinet cupboard and refrigerator, cancellation the pet body flavor, garbage flavor.
  3. Disinfect  the food  keep in refrigerator and keep  the food fresher. Disinfect the houshold articles such as tableware’s towels, clothes,baby’s bottles, toys and undergarments, etc.
  4. Purifying water: Eliminate peculiar smell and many kinds of impurities such as bacterium sterilizer heavy matal ions, ets.
  5. Purfying air: Eliminate bacterium  in the air and hamful gas from new furniture, and new whitewash on the wall, resolving liquefied gas, prevent from germs infection and gas poisoning
  6. Life healthy care: To bathe, wash face and clear foot with ozone, can rid epiphyte and cure dermatophytosis



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