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A-Ozone model S4
A-Ozone model S6
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A-Ozone model S4+
A-Ozone model S6+
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A-Ozone Equipment
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Multipurpose Water Ozonizer - SW5E
Clean air machine S2.5M
Sterilizer machine
Fruit - Vegetable disinfecting equipment
Multi functional sterilizer equipment
Ozonizer - Ionizer tower
SKD A-Ozone Module
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A-Ozone standard module
A-Ozone chamber
Fly - Back
Converter - Inverter
Dual Converter - Inverter
Detail - Material
Mixture of Zeolit - Alumina
Hight aluminium ceramic tube
IGBT - Insulated Gate Bipolar Tranzitor



Clean Technology Equipment
Joint Stock Company (CLEAN JSC)


Head Office:                    447 Nguyen Khang  Road
                                          Cau Giay  Distric –  Ha Noi – Viet Nam 
                                          Tel:   844 7840616   
                                          Fax:  844 7820902                      
                                          E.Mail: cleanjsc@gmail.com
                                          Website: www.sachben.com  
Broad of Managements:

              President                                                      Mr. Ban Nguyen Ngoc

              General Director  (CEO)                            Mr. Minh Nguyen Ngoc             
              Technology-Equipment Manager            Mr. Phuong Nguyen Ngoc                 
              Manufacture  Manager                               Mr.  Lan Tran Huy              
              Trading Manager                                        Mrs: Phuong Vu Thu

Activity Fiels:

*   Research and transfer of the Fresh Technologies - Equipments  for
              Cleaning Processes 

*  Origine Equipment Manufacture (OEM) of Advanced Ozone
  Generators, Advanced Ion Generators, Ozone drinking water
   purification systems,

*   Manufacturer and Suply  Clean Air machine to Commercial Industry,
     Hospitality,  Healthcare and Home,  Fruit-vegetable Sterilizer , Disinfecting
     machine  …
*   Products’ Brand-name:       SACHBEN®

*  Original:                              Vietnam - by Clean JSC

Patented No:
VN1-0005122    VN2-0000376

About Clean JSC
Clean JSC development from RT Center (founded in 2001) of the Vietnam Union Scien and Technic Associations (VUSTA), manufactures ozone generators, air preparation, water and vegetable treatment systems for commercial, industrial, and home uses. All generators in SACHBEN® brand-name manufactured by Clean JSC are the highest rated in quality, durability, reliability, and true sustained ozone output. A-Ozone generators use our patented cold corona-plasma cells which are the only generators available that provide a "clean and reuse" pm schedule, all other types require periodic replacement of  the corona cells.
Clean JSC  is a manufacturer of ozone systems and equipment for non-chemical water purification, wastewater treatment and other applications requiring the oxidation power of ozone. The Company also manufactures and markets a complete line of commercial and industrial air purifiers, oxygen concentrators and frame mounted bottled water sterilization systems.The Company also possesses a very strong engineering staff that is capable of providing high level technical support to our customer base and has been instrumental in the development of our entire line of frame mounted systems for such applications as the pool & spa market, drink water, cooling towers etc… We are OEM with ozone modules for sale. All our products are very long life time, guaranted with 3 years warranty. Within the period, all repairs (if any) are free.
Clean JSC would like having co-oporation with friends over the world  to developing ozone use for better all.




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